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HP Display Enhancements

To make text stand out, highlight it with underlining or show it in reverse video (also called inverse video). The HP terminals which are standard on MPE take an Escape sequence to begin an enhancement, then some text to display and another code to disable the enhancement. To create a password field, use the Security Video Escape sequence; anything the user types will be invisible.

Text version

Esc &dB{begin inverse video enhancement, "B" }
Esc &d@{end the current display enhancement}
Esc &dsB{begin inverse video with Security Video }

Highlighting stops automatically at the end of the line, but it is a good idea to explicitly end it. Otherwise, when you print a screen image on the LaserJet, all lines after the first underline enhancement will be underlined. Many users dislike blinking, but Reflection allows you to disable Blink and use it for another eight color combinations.

Here are the enhancement codes for HP terminals:

Text version

@No enhancement
BInverse video
CBlink, inverse
EBlink, underline
FInverse, underline
GBlink, inverse underline
HHalf bright
IHalf bright, blinking
JHalf bright, inverse video
KHalf bright, blink, inverse
LHalf bright, underline
MHalf bright, blinking, underline
NHalf bright, inverse, underline
OThe Works, all four enhancements

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