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Escape Sequences on HP Crts

Many terminals, including HP, DEC and ANSI terminals, respond to Escape sequences. Cursor Up, for example, is an Esc A on HP and VT-52 terminals, but is an Esc [ A on VT-100 or ANSI terminals. Escape sequences are also used for display enhancements and line drawing.

HP-compatible printers also respond to Escape sequences, see Printer Command Language (PCL).

Terminals ignore most of the PCL and printers ignore most terminal Escape sequences, except for a few which overlap (for example, Esc E for Full Reset, Esc &dD for underline).

HP terminals end most complex Escape sequences with a capital letter. MPE basically supports only HP terminals, while HP-UX makes an attempt to be terminal-independent through terminfo and curses.

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