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Consider Non-HP Software Support For Your HP 3000

By Neil Armstrong, Robelle's Suprtool Architect

As customers start working on plans and solutions for alternative support for their HP 3000's it is important to note those people who have been in the business of providing independent 3rd-party support for HP 3000's for many years. One of those individuals I have known and worked with for nearly fifteen years ("gulp") is Gilles Schipper.

I had the pleasure of working with Gilles, during my days in Toronto. I learned a great deal from Gilles, and not just technical things and system management, but also how to deal with customers and provide excellent customer service.

My favourite Gilles story is one from the early days. Gilles was recently out on his own having left HP and a customer called him in frustration, dealing with some performance problems.

After having recently bought some more memory, HP had come and installed the memory, but the promised performance gain had not happened. They asked Gilles to take a look. Gilles quickly found that the memory was installed, but the system had not been re-configured with the new memory size. It is this attention to detail that Gilles taught me to take when approaching a problem and in dealing with customer concerns and problems in everyday business and has helped me to this very day.

I recently interviewed Gilles to bring myself up-to-date on what services he offers, and how November 14 has impacted him.

1) Can you describe the services that you offer?

We offer software support and system administration services for HP3000 and HP9000 customers.

This includes 7x24x365 telephone support, on-site visits, o/s update and patching installations, performance consulting, network configuration, database optimization, 3rd-party software support, disaster recovery assistance, and virtually any systems administration and software support activity associated with the customers' HP systems.

All of this and more for one low monthly fee - with the assurance that the customer need never spend another nickel for any activity related to our system administration and software support while covered by our service.

2) You have been in the HP business for 19 years, to what do you attribute your success?

We have been totally focused on customer support and service since we started business in 1983, after having worked at Hewlett-Packard. Our target market is very narrow, and we like to think we are big fish in a very little pond.

We are also fortunate enough to work with outstanding partners who also have many years of experience in the HP marketplace. These partners include an authorized HP reseller, as well as several 3rd-party software vendors whom we represent.

3) You are located in the Greater Toronto area; do you only work with clients in your area?

Our customers are located across North America.

Specifically, they are in California, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and New York in the US, as well as Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Alberta in Canada.

We visit our customers regularly, and with modern communications capabilities, we are in direct communication at a moment's notice, absent physical proximity.

4) Have many of your HP 3000 customers moved to HP-UX?

None as of today. And no plans to do so that we are aware of.

Clearly these plans will change as the future roadmap of the HP 3000 product line becomes more visible in the months ahead.

Of course, with our HP-UX knowledge and experience, we are well positioned to offer our HP 3000 customers appropriate guidance and direction should they choose to migrate to the HP 9000 platform.

5) Has the November 14 announcement adversely affected you and your company?

Not at all.

In fact, we have gained added customers since the announcement.

We can only speculate as to reasons for that, but the bottom line is that our business has expanded since November 14.

We hope to see that trend continue as HP 3000 customers look to alternative support providers that are service-oriented and can meet the very specific and focused needs of HP 3000 users - and who can assure their customers that they will support them for many, many years to come, beyond HP's announced EOS date of 2006.

6) What do you recommend for customers to do who are looking for alternate support services?

I want them to know that when deciding upon which HP 3000 software support provider to choose, it is important to consider the history, stability and track record of that provider.

As you are aware, Neil, GSA Inc. has been offering software support services to HP 3000 users longer than any other 3rd-party support provider in existence anywhere - since July 1983.

We have many well-established companies, large and small, who have utilized this service and can testify to its quality and reliability.

7) What has your experience been with Robelle's products for the HP 3000?

I have been using Robelle's Qedit and Suprtool for 20 years. I recommend them absolutely.

8) How can people get in touch with you or get more information?

You can visit which is my web-site, and for any email inquiries you can reach us at

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