Suprtool Eases MANMAN Month-End, and More

By Brian Hiller

Systems Manager, Telsmith
I purchased Suprtool for it's speed. We needed to reduce the run times for our month-end job streams. We have incorporated Suprtool into all of our most CPU-intensive month-end job streams and have been able to reduce their run times by 40%!!!

With Suprtool, we've reduced the time needed to perform our month-end close from 10 hours to 6. We will incorporate Suprtool into some of the less CPU-intensive job streams as time permits. We can probably save another hour with these changes.

As an unexpected plus, I was able to create archival/retrieval utilities for information stored in my MANMAN databases. This keeps the capacity levels in my production MANMAN databases low, which speeds up processing and at the same time, allows me to keep the information in near-line databases for easy retrieval! I just type the part numbers I want to archive or retrieve and Suprtool copies all of the related information for the part into the target database. The entire set of routines took only 8 hours to write and test. This utility also works great for creating test databases.

There are three features that really stand out.

The first one is the pattern-matching used in the IF statement. The second one is the TABLE command and the third one is the entire STEXPORT subsystem. I am slowly changing all of the QUIZ routines I have written that create comma delimited files for import into spreadsheet programs. I can create a routine to export data in less than 1 minute with STEXPORT. That same routine would have taken 30 minutes to write in QUIZ.

In case you haven't guessed, I am extremely satisfied with Suprtool.

Brian Hiller:

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