Suprtool Boosts MANMAN/UDMS Performance

By Lou Lange

MANMAN System Administrator
Kokusai Semiconductor Equipment Corp At Kokusai, we use the MANMAN software package from Computer Associates. We also have the UDMS software package from Allen Systems Group. For procedures and reports that are not covered within the MANMAN package, we use UDMS to fill in the gaps.

For example, we have a report that shows all parts added to MANMAN on a weekly basis. When using UDMS, this report was taking over an hour to extract and sort the data, then create the report. We then created an almost identical procedure allowing Suprtool to extract and sort the data, then UDMS would report on the qualified data. That report now takes just under 10 minutes to create. That is almost a 90% gain in performance.

The report in question compares Inspection Code on our Item Master File against the Inspection Code shown on the Purchase Order Line. They are supposed to match. If they do not, the inspector will check with the person entering the purchase order to figure out why there is a discrepancy.

This is extremely important because we want the inspection code to be properly. In 99%+ of our cases, the inspection code is set to zero, which means inspect the part when it comes into our facility. If it is not set to zero, there is a chance a bad part could make its way onto our production floor.

The data involved is Manufacturing Parts and Purchase Order Lines. A total of 175,000 records are read.

With SUPRTOOL, we were able to do 2 extracts with given parameters, combine the files based on part number, and cut the processing time down to approximate 7-10 minutes.

There are other reports very similar to these that have shown these types of performance gains. I am also implementing Suprtool where I can within other reports to continue the gains made.

SUPRTOOL has helped us ease our nightly processing time here and in other ways, allowing our users to have more time on the system doing their work. I have been very happy with Suprtool so far.

Lou Lange:

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